About Mitfusion


Welcome to Mitfusions’s legal page, which constitutes our Terms & Conditions and Policies. Please read all of them carefully prior to creating your account or register yourself using www.mitfusion.com.

Mitfusion is a trademark property of ASAPTECH LTD, Company no: 13681269,  registered in England & Wales. Our registered office is at Stanley House, Kelvin Way, Crawley, United Kingdom, RH10 9SE. You can contact us with our email: contact@mitufusion.com or contact option available on www.mitfusion.com

We as Mitfusion, only provide a platform or software to book, manage and acquire a product or service using our service. We are not involved in providing any service or product ourselves but facilitate users getting them through mitfusion. 



Our mission is to digital marketing solutions to Professionals, Businesses and idividuals. We build apps and websites along with providing digital marketing and IT services. All the Professionals, Businesses and Customers have certain rights and obligations for using Mitfusion.

Our objective is to achieve a safe, secure and fair environment for all users. We provide a feedback system, which helps all users to leave honest comments about our services.



You must be 18 years old to use our services. Before you can start using our services to make or receive orders, you need to register an account with us. You create your account using details like email, setting a password and provide all the mandorty details if needed. 

You must keep your account login details securely and do not disclose to anyone to prevent any fraudulent use. We will not take any responsibility if an unauthorised person gets access to your account and uses it without your consent or permissions. We will not compensate for any damage caused by misuse of your account. It is solely your duty to keep all the account information securely. 

You can request to close your account by using Mitfusion and submitting your request to close or deactivate your account either permanently or temporarily. Please report us immediately if you believe that your account has been compromised or your details have been stolen. It is your duty to inform your bank to block your bank card, linked with Mitfusion.


You have the option to book and get a service straight away or schedule it for later, depending on availability. Some services or products are available only for scheduling later, we can agree for the service availability when you request it. We try their best to deliver within agreed time but sometimes it can go beyond our control with unforeseen circumstances.

Please also see our Privacy Policy as well.